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Erasmus + -meeting in Bamberg 14th – 20th October 2018 “BCreAtive”
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The third meeting of our Erasmus + - project “BCreAtive” was held at the E.T.A. Hoffmann-Gymnasium. We were delighted to welcome students and teachers from our strategic partnership schools from the Czech Republic (Základni škola Kladno), Spain (IES Cruz Santa, Las Realejos), the Netherlands (Emelwerda College, Emmeloord) and Ireland (Carndonagh Community School, Carndonagh).

On Monday the participants had the opportunity to get to know each other during amusing and creative icebreaking activities. After a tour round the school (prepared by class 9b), the international group was welcomed by the third mayor of Bamberg, Mr Wolfgang Metzner, in the old town hall. His charming and entertaining welcome speech contributed to the relaxed atmosphere, both students and teachers enjoyed during the whole week.
In the afternoon the student workshops started. The pupils could participate in a workshop on impro theatre or on the production of instruments made out of unusual materials, e.g. plastic waste-pipes. Especially the workshop on impro theatre was a real challenge for some students who had no experience in acting and of course none in performing in a foreign language either. Impro theatre requires creativity, a lot of flexibility and self-confidence. All students enjoyed the workshops very much and participated with great enthusiasm and eagerness.
On Tuesday half the students went on an adventure city rallye while the other group crossed a river under the guidance of two experienced climbers. In the afternoon the groups swapped. The cooperative and highly interactive tasks intensified the student relationships. 
The next morning was dedicated to creativity in science. The physics department organized a competition called “The egg drop”. Students were provided with certain materials to design a construction which ensured an egg to be dropped from a height of about ten metres and to land safely on the ground. The rest of the day students rehearsed for the final concert on Thursday evening and practised playing the water-pipes and reacting and acting spontaneously on stage.
A lesson on “Quidditch” – the famous Harry Potter sport, meant a welcome change to the students’ full agenda. Further rehearsals on Thursday morning and a flashmob workshop prepared the participants for the common concert in the evening – the highlight of the week.
The concert on Thursday evening began with a delightful and most enjoyable flashmob, which was accompanied by E.T.A.’s brass band conducted by Mr Werner. Swinging and impressive music and the results of our project’s workshops alternated and made for a most entertaining and varied evening. An aftershow party in the school’s foyer concluded a wonderful and unforgettable evening.
On Friday morning students took part in a workshop on creative art. According to the motto “Faces and Traces” they designed old maps and created wonderful pieces of art which are all on display in the school building. The workshop was the perfect ending to a meeting both students and teachers will remember for a long time.

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