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A different kind of football

American Football team Bamberg Bucks visiting E.T.A.

2 Cheerleaders

The ball flew across the field and I started running to catch it. Damn! I didn´t get it.
That was a moment that happened while the American Football team Bamberg Bucks were visiting us, the 8e. Our English teacher Mr. Schmitt organized the visit and we were very excited about it.
First of all their coach told us some facts about football in general. Then the players showed us their equipment. I was very surprised how heavy such a helmet is. We were also allowed to try some on.
Afterwards our training could start. Coach Steve (who is from the State of Washington) and three players showed us how to hold or throw the ball. Then one of them threw the ball and we had to run after it and catch it without dropping it. Another player showed us some tackling tricks. That wasn´t so easy but very funny. And with the armor it didn´t hurt anyway.
Later the cheerleaders of the team were doing some awesome stunts and told us to try it ourselves too. Two of us (the bases) should hold another (the flyer) who was standing on their hands and a fourth person (the backspot) was there to stabilize it. All of us were able to do the stunt and some were actually quite good.
In the end we played two football matches. The coach divided the students who wanted to play into two teams and gave a player of the Bucks to every team too. There were special rules without tackling because we didn´t want to have to call the ambulance. Also, the players weren´t allowed to move with the ball. Those of us who didn´t want to play football were able to do a few more stunts with the cheerleaders.
All in all, the visit of the Bamberg Bucks was pretty great and I hope they will come back again soon.

Emanuel Ehlers, 8e

Fotos: Ph. Schmitt